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Want to become a full-stack web developer? Our comprehensive web development course covers everything from front-end design to back-end development, with a focus on hands-on experience. We provide all web development courses with 100% job guarantee.

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Are you ready to launch a rewarding career in web development and web designing? Look no further than Digital Study School in Chandigarh!

Our comprehensive training provides 100% practical work experience and job assurance, so you can gain the skills you need to succeed in today’s competitive market. With a complete suite of web development courses, you’ll be equipped to meet modern requirements and excel in your field.

At Digital Study School, we’re proud to have a 100% success rate in providing jobs to our students. And with our expert instructors and personalized mentoring, you’ll have the support you need to achieve your goals.

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Our Most Web Development Popular Courses are-

UI/UX designing

It refers to the overall designing and development of client-side appearance with the help of HTML, CSS, and Java script.

JavaScript development

JavaScript is usually used for creating interactive web pages which allow dynamic behavior and special effects.

Node.JS and React.JS development

Node.JS is a part of back-end development whereas React.JS is a part of user interfaces. Both languages depend upon each other.


Angular.JS is a structural framework for creating dynamic web pages. It is solely based on JavaScript.

React Native

Learn most trending react native website development course with our developers at digital study school


Django is a high-level Python web framework that allows fast development of secure and manageable websites.

Why Choose Our Website Development Course?

At Digital Study School, we have lots of ongoing web development projects by which a candidate can excel in their knowledge by working on those projects under the guidance of our web developers. Our highly skilled web developers are very much supportive in your initial learning phase. At digital study school we don’t use white board or any other study material like as others website development training providers in Chandigarh, because we are not any institute, we are a web development company. We are working with international clients, and multi national companies. You will get work experience in your web development training, and can be the part of our web development company in Chandigarh

100% Job Assurance

We provide all courses with a 100% job guarantee. You will get the job after completing our web development course successfully.

100% Practical Training

Our Courses are based on practical work, which is a best way to learn web development skills. practically.This make us Unique

Work On Live Projects

We give a chance to our students to work on live projects. By which they get experience working on all kind of live websites

Work With Developers

We allow students to work with our senior developers in our web development course, which is very helpful in learning web development easily

In today’s highly competitive era, every business owner thinks of building a highly engaging website that drives sales. Business owners know how important it is to get in touch with customers via digital marketing. As more and more business owners realize the benefits of websites, they’re hiring talented and skilled website developers to develop a website that helps them attract customers. 

As we are watching a continuous shift of companies trying hard to establish a solid online presence, the need for website developers and designers is booming. Many individuals now plan to develop a strong career in website development. The added advantage of a website developer career is that they can choose from a sea of career options at different stages. 

If you’re planning to establish a career as a web developer or a web developer looking to brush up his skills, all you need to choose the best website development course in Chandigarh. Digital Study School is your one-stop solution when choosing a company that offers a full-stack web development course in Chandigarh. The added advantage of choosing Digital Study School is that we provide a wide range of live projects and a 100% job guarantee to all our students. Want to learn more?

Carrier Options After Completing Web Development Course

Once you complete your website development training, you can choose your career path from plenty of available career options. You can move from one web developer career to another by adding just one or two skills to your repertoire. Digital Study School can help you grab all those required skills to establish an honorable and excellent career in the web development industry. Our website development courses  are a surefire way to be one of the best web developers in the world.

Below listed are the three main types of web development careers. Scroll Now! 

Front End Web Developer

Also known as a client-side web developer, the front-end developer is known to design the user interface of the website. They use front-end technologies to develop websites like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. 

The core purpose of front-end development is to attract customers and help them walk through the website content in an effortless manner. In addition, the front-end developer uses clean and efficient code to develop an interactive interface. 

Below listed are the languages that the front-end developer uses during web development. If you want to learn these languages, feel free to choose the website development practical training in Chandigarh and Mohali at Digital Study School. 




React Js

For a front-end developer, it’s vital to learn different programming languages, especially React Js. At Digital Study School, we help students to learn about how they can leverage tools like React Js to get the maximum benefit out of their web design or development.

Back End Web Developer

Also known as server-side web developers, the core aim of developers is to write codes and build logical parts present in the website. The entire focus of back-end development is on databases, servers, back-end logic, and APIs. 

There are multiple languages used in back-end web development. A web development training will help you understand each and every detail of the different languages. In addition, it will assist you in understanding where you can use the language to get the most effective results. 

Scroll down to know the languages that are used by back-end web developers. 







Learning any of the back-end web development languages requires proper training. If you’re looking to join website designing course in Chandigarhor Mohali look no further than Digital Study School. We help students who are looking to establish a career as a web designer or developer

Full-stack Web Developer

Full-stack web developer serves as both front-end and back-end developer. They are equipped with complete knowledge and are skilled in building a complete website. In simple terms, full-stack web developers have skills in developing client as well as server-side Web applications. 

They are well-versed in web development, web design, and website debugging, in addition to having database skills. Being a more important job than front-end and back-end web developers, there are plenty of skills you need to have before you plan to land the job of a full stack web developer. 

Here are a few languages and tools you need to master before choosing a full-stack web development career. 

HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Git and GitHub


Programming languages

Browser Devtools

Having complete knowledge of different languages and having enough skills will help you to be an experienced full-stack web developer. To get a complete understanding of the languages, be sure you scroll through the web development course at Digital Study School. These courses will not only help you to get a better understanding of all coding languages but also ensure that you’ve enough skills to grow in your career.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a query? Please check this question and answers

Both front-end and back-end web developers are part of the web development process. However, their roles are quite different from each other. For instance, the front-end developer pays attention to the look, feel, and overall quality of the website. The majority of website building is related to the front-end web development process. 

On the other hand, back-end web development deals with server-side website functionalities, including databases. Both front-end developers and back-end developer career paths are reputable. You can choose the one based on your skills, knowledge, and, most importantly, your interest. 

Yes. The job of a website developer is quite flexible. Once you’ve completed your website development courses in Chandigarh, you can start working from home as a freelancer. 

Having a certificate in programming or coding will help you to get started as an entry-level Web developer. You can even complete your website development practical training at Digital Study School. This is because we offer a 100% job placement guarantee to all the students who complete a training course with us.
Yes, web development is an excellent professional path. According to Mondo’s annual Salary Guide for Technology and Digital Marketing, “Web Developer” is the most in-demand job title in technology and one of the highest-paying occupations. Additionally, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the job market for Web Developers will rise 15% by 2026.
According to Glassdoor statistics from May 2019, the average base salary for a Web Developer is $75,487. Additional remuneration, such as bonuses and profit sharing, might vary from $803 and $13,113. Possessing the ability to build your own webpages may assist you maximise your earning potential.
Our training is available to all people, regardless of prerequisites or credentials (you can integrate the web developer training without a high school diploma for example). At Digital Studies School, there is no conventional profile. Our students range in age from 18 to 58 years and include professionals in transition or seeking to acquire new skills or upgrade existing ones, job seekers, recent graduates, and entrepreneurs. Above all, we are seeking for a mindset that is defined by a drive to achieve, a capacity for innovation in solving problems, and the ability to work in a team. All you have to do to join Digital Study School is confirm our application procedure.
Soft-skills are emphasised heavily throughout the training! We devote an entire module to soft skills in order to provide you with the necessary tools to succeed as a technology professional. Throughout the training, you will learn how to explain technical concepts to a non-technical audience, how to participate and contribute to a developer community, how to work in a team, how to improve your skills autonomously, how to approach the developer profession responsibly, how to build your portfolio of professional projects, how to develop your online presence, and how to successfully apply for web developer job openings.
To build safe, secure, and highly efficient websites, it’s vital to learn different web development languages. Some of the most common yet important languages include React Js, JavaScript, Python, PHP, Typescript, Ruby, and more. Learning these languages will help you to build small websites/apps to enterprise-level applications, and everything in between. The best way to get a complete knowledge of languages is to choose website development courses.
We provide individualised help for each group of students by assigning a dedicated teacher. Throughout the course, he or she will assess your successes, modify your instruction as necessary, and assist you in overcoming any learning hurdles.
Taking a website development course can help you learn the necessary skills and tools to build professional-looking websites, increase your employability, and even start your own business.

The duration of web development training ranges from a few weeks to several months, depending on the course level and type.

The cost of web development courses varies depending on the course level, duration, and type. However, on average, web development course cost between INR 10,000 and INR 50,000.
To choose the best website development course , you should consider factors such as course content, course duration, cost, instructor expertise, and student reviews. It is also recommended to check if the course provides hands-on experience through projects and assignments.