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If You’re Looking For The Best Digital Marketing Training providing Company In Chandigarh or Mohali . Then  Digital Study School is the best option for you to Learn  Advanced Digital marketing course in Chandigarh. We provide fully practical digital marketing training with 100% job placement.

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Digital Marketing Courses In Chandigarh

Kick start your career as a successful Digital marketing expert with our digital marketing courses in Chandigarh. Digital Study School helps you learn all the fundamentals of digital marketing you need to land a secure job and build a decent career in this industry.Our advanced digital marketing course, develop you into a well-rounded digital marketer with expertise in key domains such as search engine optimization, social media marketing, pay-per-click, conversion optimization, digital analytics, content marketing, online reputation management , and email marketing. We will provide you fully practical training on live projects. Our expert team will guide you how to work on live websites. You can start working on digital marketing projects only in one month after joining the course. We don’t use white board, projector or any other study material to teach our students like other digital marketing institutes. 

Who Can Enroll in Our Digital Marketing Course?

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Digital Study School collaborated with some well-known digital marketing experts to craft this course. Moreover, we made sure anyone looking to enter the digital marketing space can enroll in this course to learn new skills while growing their knowledge. Our affordable digital marketing course is apt for:


Students with no knowledge or a basic idea of what digital marketing is will find this course perfect for learning everything. We start from the basics and help you learn all aspects of digital marketing required to become an expert marketer.


With everything going digital, even successful entrepreneurs now feel the need to learn digital marketing. Our well-designed course caters to the needs of entrepreneurs and business owners


Marketing managers and other professionals looking to upskill their expertise in digital marketing courses will get the ultimate benefit from this course. In addition, there are several modules designed to upscale your proficiency if you are a working professional.

What Does Our Digital Marketing Course Cover?

Digital Study School is popular for offering top-rated digital marketing courses in Chandigarh and Mohali. We have designed these courses to cover every aspect of digital marketing, be it creating a content strategy and deploying it. Moreover, we help you understand how SEO (Search Engine Optimization) works and how you can make the most out of your digital strategy to flourish your business online.

You’ll be getting hands-on training on the following fundamentals of digital marketing.

search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Through the Digital study school's SEO course, you'll learn how to convert searchers into buyers.

Social Media Marketing course

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is largely concerned with promoting a brand and its content via social media channels.

Pay Per Click Digital Marketing Course

Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC is a technique for driving visitors to a website via paid advertisements on search engines.

Learn Technical SEO with at digital study school

Technical SEO

Technical SEO has an effect on the speed with which your web pages load, which is a critical ranking criterion for the majority of search engines, including Google.

Email Marketing Digital Marketing Course

E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is a very effective method for brands to communicate with their customers.

Content Marketing Digital Marketing Courses

Content Strategy

This course teaches you how to plan your content marketing strategy and how to create material that is effective for your target audience.

Why Choose Digital Study School For Digital Marketing Courses?

Merely searching for the best digital marketing courses/training in Chandigarh, Mohali will land hundreds of results. What makes Digital Study School a preferred choice of thousands of ambitious learners is our advanced courses and hands-on knowledge. Here are some reasons to enrol in our courses:

Work on a Real-world Projects

We also hate watching those long and boring videos on digital marketing. With Digital Study School, you learn and work on real-world projects for our clients. Moreover, we help you track your progress, so you can easily understand how your strategies are performing.

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Guaranteed Job Placement

There are hardly any practical digital marketing course in Chandigarh that guarantee job placement, but with Digital Study School, you get that as well. We’ll help you secure a job, or you can also apply in our company to flourish your career.

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Easy on Your Pocket

Our advanced digital marketing course doesn’t cost a fortune. Our all courses are very affordable. So, anyone, be it students, professionals, or housewives, can easily afford our course to learn and excel in the digital space.

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Technical Mentor Support

Our expert mentors always stand by your side and help clear all your doubts. Ask as many queries as you want because that is what helps you become a successful digital marketer.

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Let’s Converge the Trend of Digital Marketing

Today, billions of users are actively participating on social media platforms. And nearly 83% of the audience make their purchasing decision by reading the advertisement on online platforms and by ranking on Google. After the pandemic crisis, the evolutionary pathways of online learning and work from home allow people to strive for their business. 

But now, it has become a game-changer for everyone. Digital marketing has set new benchmarks in almost every industrial sector. Whether in hospitality, marketing, business, or healthcare services, a digital marketer is everywhere. 

If you’re trying to become a professional online marketer, we will assist you. Over the years, Digital Study School has maintained its reputation as the leading digital marketing training institute in Chandigarh

Our leading team of online marketers and industrial experts helps you learn about the tools and tactics of marketing. We have designed our certificate course for beginners to advanced learners. Whether you want to upgrade your skills or build a successful career, we offer digital marketing training to everyone. Click here to read our blogs on digital marketing courses in Chandigarh

Let’s join us and be a Pro level marketer!

A Digital Marketing Course That Makes You Future Ready

Digital Study School, this time came up with an advanced learning approach for the students who want to learn digital marketing courses in Mohali and Chandigarh. Our mentors and trained professionals offer hands-on experience and practices to the students. 

Everything will be taught on online projects to enhance learning. We believe students can directly implement the skills on digital marketing campaign projects and gain hands-on experience. Our strategic approach efficiently helps learners. Within 6-8 weeks, students become certified digital marketers.

Curriculum Designed With Future Goals

Nothing is stable in the digital marketing world. Campaign skills that work today may not work similarly tomorrow. We have designed our curriculum of digital marketing courses in Chandigarh with futuristic goals. In our course program, we help build skills necessary for future marketing. 

The key marketing concepts that we have covered in our curriculum are as follows: 

  • Digital Marketing Fundamentals
  • Content Marketing
  • Buyer Personas and Positioning
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Email and Partnership Marketing
  • Measurement and analysis

Impactful Training under Industrial Leaders

Digital marketing is booming everywhere. There are significant opportunities to become digital marketers and start a successful job with this. Being the pioneer of practical digital marketing courses/training in Chandigarh and Mohali, we offer the most impactful training on live projects. 

Our industrial leaders want to make the next marketing leaders who will be the masters of the digital marketing world. 

  1. Mentors to assist with live training 
  2. Hand on practices on 150+ live projects 
  3. Friendly learning environment 
  4. Problem-solving skills 
  5. Focus on what matters

We have industrial leaders cum marketing trainers who offer live training to meet with the current marketing skills and how to overcome problems. 

1-on 1 Mentor to Train Students

Why Digital Study School for digital marketing courses in Chandigarh? We stand apart from others because we are career-specific and offer 1-on-1 mentorship. We believe every student has their own learning pace. They need special attention to ask queries and handle the projects. 

That’s why we have initiated a 1-on-1 mentor training program. This means each student gets personal attention for mentors. They assist in training and help them learn advanced skills. Most importantly, they solve their queries on the spot. We have tailored our digital marketing courses/training in Chandigarh, and Mohali for beginners and seasoned learners. This way, they will be able to learn in a better way. 


How Mentor Lead Learning Works: 

  • Students will be provided with a mentor based on their classes schedule and course goals
  • Mentors are industry experts and professional digital marketers who are working on multiple projects
  • Connect with you in house live classes, emails, and webinars between meeting
  • Mentors set the agenda for each student and help you with industrial tools to complete projects
  • Feedback on the spot
  • Answerable to questionnaire 
  • Arrange Quiz sessions where students can participate and show what they have learned

Our mentors deliver the digital marketing courses in Chandigarh through online and offline modes. They remain connected via live chat to help students with their projects. 

30+ Trending Digital Marketing Skills You Should Know

Do you know AI has taken charge in the digital marketing world? Maybe you know about SEO, SEM, and Google Ads, but an end-to-end visual connection with your audience is more important. That’s where a successful marketer plays its job role. 

Likewise, there are 30+ digital marketing and campaign tools that you are missing to learn in other places. But here at Digital Study School, we’ve covered these trending marketing tools in our digital marketing courses in Chandigarh. We have industrial leaders and professionals who train you all the skills to become a pro-level marketer. 

The trending tools that we teach you during our digital marketing training are as follows: 

  • How to Create short DIY Stories
  • Content Personalization 
  • Conversational marketing 
  • AI Intelligence in Digital marketing
  • Livestream Commerce 
  • Chatbots 
  • Micro-influencers 
  • Shoppable content 
  • User-Generated Content 
  • Influencer Marketing skills and many more

The skills don’t end here! We have a long list of digital marketing trends that keep you ahead of other marketers. We are known as the best digital marketing training institute in Chandigarh.

100% Professional Training on Live Projects

Theoretical concepts and studies are fine, but what if students cannot implement the same in their practical world? That’s right! After taking certificates merely on theoretical concepts, the majority of students fail in the practical world. At Digital Study School, we provide 100% professional training on live projects. 

We are not just offering digital marketing course certificate in Chandigarh; rather, we are giving live training. This way, students can gain theoretical and practical training simultaneously. What students can expect from us;

  1. Weekly meetings by the professionals 
  2. Curriculum with Q & A 
  3. Project Feedback on the spot 
  4. Networking 
Vikneswaran M
Vikneswaran M
My all time favourite place to learn digital marketing..
Ekansha Rohilla
Ekansha Rohilla
Best Institute. 100% placement gurantee
komal tuteja
komal tuteja
One of the best place to study digital marketing course.i loved the way of life learning programs. Team is excellent I appreciate their work.
This is one of the platform to learn digital marketing course. I love their concept of teaching on live projects. Everything you do and learn is on live projects. Great work. Highly recommended
Vishali Sharma
Vishali Sharma
According to my personal experience digital study school is the no.1 digital marketing company in Mohali for their digital marketing courses. I learned alot in my 3 month digital marketing course.
Milandeep Kaur
Milandeep Kaur
I want to say thanks by heart to the digital study school's web development and digital marketing team. Because 3 months ago, I started my website development course at digital study school. They teach me practically everything on my laptop, and now I am doing a job as a reach developer in Mohali. If anybody is looking for the best company for web development courses or digital marketing courses in Mohali, then I would highly recommend digital study school.
Arvind Kumar
Arvind Kumar
Digital Study School is my favourite place to learn website development and digital marketing courses in Mohali. Nowadays i am doing website development and digital marketing training at digital study school. I feel very posative, because i am learning everything on live projects with senior web developers
Hardeep Singh
Hardeep Singh
No.1 Company for website development courses and digital marketing courses in Mohali, Chandigarh
The World Crawler
The World Crawler
Digital study school is really the best place to get training of digital marketing and website development in Mohali. The main thing of digital study school is their teaching style. They don't use white board or any other study material like other training institutes. They teach their all courses of digital marketing and website development on desktop only with live projects. i love this thing. Want to say thanks to help me to a get a job as web developer🙏🙏🙏
Ishant Aery
Ishant Aery
I am very happy to choose digital study school for my website development course in Mohali. Now i am working as a web developer in Chandigarh. Great experience!

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Yes, digital marketing is a good career, and you can help you land good opportunities. Make sure to enrol in an advanced digital marketing course if you are serious about pursuing it as a career. 

If you want to get success in digital marketing, then first thing is to choose the right digital marketing course, which will help you learn all about digital marketing. You can  learn about this in detail, just click here and read this article

Anyone looking to enter the digital space as a marketer is eligible for a digital marketing course in Chandigarh.

All you need is a laptop, an internet connection, and a reliable digital marketing course that helps you learn and grow in this space. Building a career in digital marketing doesn’t require you to have a degree.

It’s very difficult to choose the right digital marketing training institute to learn digital marketing practically. You can attend the demo classes of best digital marketing institutes and take your decision easily and you can join digital marketing training at best institute of Chandigarh