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Pay Per Click (PPC) Courses

It is online advertising where advertisers pay publishers every time they click a link in an advertisement. Various search engines offer the pay-per-click model, such as Google Ads primarily.

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What is Pay Per Click (PPC)?

PPC means pay-per-click and many know it as the cost-per-click (CPC) model. It is an internet marketing model that is a method of buying various visits to a site instead of seeking to earn customers organically. A popular form of PPC is search engine advertising. It gives a chance to place Google ads in search engine sponsored links when users search for keywords related to their business.

When we click on an ad, it sends a visitor to our website. There is a need to pay a small fee for this process. It is necessary to process perfectly, so it becomes clear with this example that we pay $2 for a click, but click results give a $200 sale. It helps to make a huge profit.

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What are the Benefits of Using Pay Per Click?

There are different benefits to using PPC. It is cost-effective. The ads appear on the first pages of Google when people search for related keywords. It gives a chance for more brand or product visibility. The target audience comes to the website. We can run multiple ads on a single keyword. When click-through rates (CTR) are high, it leads to more conversions and increased sales revenues.
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What Do You Learn with Our Pay Per Click (PPC) Courses?

Our Pay Per Click (PPC) training helps you to learn many things. We give practical training on the scheduling of Google Adwords. It is necessary to post ads at the perfect time when the conversion rate is high. Our experts also tell us how to run mobile-friendly ads. Various factors go into running a successful PPC campaign and using relevant keywords. We will also tell you how to use target display ads. It is necessary to use site links in ads entirely. We give you knowledge on various elements of PPC. It helps to run PPC ads perfectly.

Why Are Our Pay Per Click (PPC) Courses Unique?

Our Pay Per Click (PPC) courses are specially designed according to the industry. Every person who has a basic knowledge of SEO has taken this course. The Pay Per Click (PPC) Courses of “Digital Study School” have given students a chance to work on live projects. Our expert team members will tell you how every detail relates to PPC. Each module provides you with perfect knowledge of various topics.