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Exploring Flutter For Front-End Web Developers

If you are a front-end web developer and want to explore more vivid programs, Flutter is for you.


Before we dive into its benefits, let’s define the term flutter developer. Flutter is an open-source software development kit. For easy and smooth cross-platform mobile app development, developers use the program.


Why should a front-end developer go for Flutter? With so many website development courses in Chandigarh, it’s surely a new concept that can help you adapt from one ecosystem to another.


Let’s dive in.


Transferring the concepts 


Front-end web development and flutter are alike. You may not realize it but after you start the web development training in Chandigarh and learn Flutter, the program takes the same skill set as required to become a front-end developer.


  • Implementation of user interfaces


The user interface in front-end development is simple- you need to compose HTML elements and style them with CSS. And in Flutter, one needs to compose widgets and style them with properties.


Flutter has Dart classes and enums. It has almost all CSS properties with values. Consider the following examples-

box-shadow, Opacity, FrontWeight, BorderRadius, Padding, etc. They are all present in Flutter.


Just like CSS, flutter also has the color class in Dart uses hex and rgba and pixels for space and size units.


Flutter has columns and rows that are equivalent for display: flex in CSS. You may use CrossAxisAlignment or mainAxisAlignment to configure (justify) content and align-items and styles.


You may get the option of CustomPaint class for advanced UI in Flutter. Just like how the Canvas API works for web development, the CustomPaint is for Flutter.


What is special about CustomPaint?


CustomPaint gives you a painter. This painter can draw the UI as per your wish. If you need to design anything customized to your website/ service or product, CustomPaint is for you!


It gives a creative edge to those who want to make their logos unique and quirky. The CustomPaint is also a better choice to handle complex designs. It is the best option to use when the widgets don’t work out well.


  • Multiple Screen Resolutions are Developed


When you start a business, you either have to focus on websites running on browsers or mobile apps. Even though they use the same features like cameras, locations, and notifications; these are implemented in different ways.


Being a web developer, you must go through a website’s responsiveness and use different media queries for the same.


With website development courses like Flutter, you have a special helper class called MediaQuery.


This feature gives you the current device orientation and current viewport size. It also has the DevicePixelRatio that provides other device information. These features will give you insights into the mobile device’s configuration.


  • Work with Debuggers, Editors, and Command Line Tools


Desktop browsers have a comprehensive tool range like an inspector, network monitor, console, etc. What are these for? They improve the web development process which is one of the main things to consider when developing a website.


Coming back to Flutter, the program has DevTools. And thanks to that, it will offer features like a network monitor, widget inspector, and debugger, to name a few.


Have you heard about IDE? The VS code or the visual studio code is one of the most popular IDEs used in web development. Flutter supports VS code implies while transitioning, you do not need to change the IDE. flutter works well with Android Studio that supports Flutter DevTools. Thanks to all the IDE integrations, Flutter is said to be a complete tool.


As we know, front-end JavaScript frameworks like React App, Vue CLI, Angular CLI, etc, come with a command line interface. The same is true for Flutter. It comes with an exclusive CLI that permits you to create, build, and develop Angular projects. You may also use this to analyze and test flutter projects.


Additional Thoughts 


A cross-platform tool that builds desktop, web, and mobile applications, Flutter apps are pixel-perfect. It paints the same UI on each app, irrespective of the target platform. How?


Flutter contains a flutter engine that renders the Flutter UI code that provides a canvas for each device that can paint as you want. This engine communicates with target platforms to interact and handle events.


It is one of the most efficient and high-performance development programs. And why not, it is built with Dart and has exclusive Dart features! Thanks to all these advantages, it is a good choice for many applications.


Flutter saves money and time during production and maintenance. Like all cross-platform apps, it is efficient.


Pro Tip- Do not use Flutter if you want users to use platform developer tools. It includes device-specific tools as well as browser developer tools. And if your website has heavy content, Flutter is not the right choice!


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