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Promote Your Blog With These Proven Methods

Have you ever struggled with building an audience for a blog? We all have been there.

One of the constant struggles of bloggers is to engage the audience. We all wish readers to read our flawless content but alas it takes more than just writing to establish the same.

While it is tough to cope with the competition, remember your efforts won’t go to waste. These writeups pay in the long run. While going through the digital marketing courses, we have compiled some proven methods that will help in blog promotion.

What does the website need? Traffic! And how is that possible-

  • You have to constantly update blog posting.
  • You have to expand your social media following and engagement.
  • You have to focus on impressions.

Let’s go through some of the proven methods for blog promotion.

Methods for Blog Promotion

  • Guest posting

The first form of advertising learned in the digital marketing courses is guest posting on well-known websites.

Many people use this strategy and get in touch with other bloggers in the same field. These bloggers will help you distribute your work (indirectly promote it.)

Seek help from a legit writing company. It is a win-win situation for both. The website will get an authentic, creative, and premium writing piece while you’ll get the backlink for your benefit.

It might take time to put a high-quality visiting article on other people’s portals. You can always use the services of SEO copywriters to help.

Make compelling content- something unique and beneficial to the users!

  • SEO is the key

SEO is the master while content is the King. Both have to be together, creating something meaningful. Find out the right keywords for your blog. These keywords will get your blog to the search engines.

Hence it is important to do keyword research before blog writing. A well-optimized blog goes a long way!


Search engine optimization is the best, long-lasting strategy to advertise your website.

  • Social media sharing

One has to include sharing buttons like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter for visitors to click and share your blog post. Make sure to test these buttons.

Your SMM should include your blog posts and allow users to share your content as well.

  • PPC

One can also invest in paid promotions. These bring higher visibility to the target audience. You can advertise your blog on search engines like Google.

With the help of paid ads, your blog link will be visible to the users, compelling them to visit the website.

  • Post articles regularly

It takes time to be remembered. Remember you’re new to the field, and the competition is fierce. We are sure you need to get the edge of it!

With the help of digital marketing strategies, make a content plan. Post daily, and bring relevant and genuine content to your website.

By posting the content regularly, you may be able to add value to your brand.

A business takes time to become a brand, and with the help of the right content marketing strategy, you can get there!

  • Influencers

Have you heard about influencer marketing?

It can supply brand credibility and provide other benefits like increased sales and leads. You may also get a larger social media following along with organic website traffic.

Build a relationship with the influencer before asking for a favor. You can include them in your blog or link their social media profiles to it.

  • Show gratitude

If you have recently posted a blog and user comments, they deserve a special thank you. It is one of the most effective ways to promote a blog. The small gestures of a ‘thank you’ message will show your gratitude to the audience for how much time and effort you put in.

  • Reliable hosting providers

If you have poor hosting, your website performance will get affected. No matter what your subject matter is, or what your content quality is.

A decent host will load your website and attract an audience. All the users look for easy navigation and websites that load quickly and attract a more organic audience. Search engine rankings consider a responsive website.

  • Backlink strategy

Hyperlinks play an important role in digital marketing. It tells how your sites perform in search engines and hence connections are important. The right connections can boost fresh blogs and improve returns.

Wrapping up 


Writing a blog is not difficult. It might be a cakewalk for many but if you want a promotional blog post, it takes a lot of effort. Our Digital Marketing courses are here to help. With the help of experts, you can get to know how to implement these strategies in your writing.

For those who are new to digital marketing, learning the basics of SEO, and SMM is important. Connect now and let us be your guide!

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