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JavaScript is a scripting language that allows us to set up subtle features on web pages. Brendan Eich invented JavaScript in 1995 for use with the Netscape 2 browser. Its original name for JavaScript was Mocha. The primary aim is to add more functionality to web pages.

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What is JavaScript?

Most of the time, developers use animations, 2D/3D graphics, scrolling video, jukeboxes, automated tasks, or interactive factors to facilitate the user experience. We also know it as the “toy” language, but now it is a commonly used coding language in the world. It is a back-end coding language. It became the first language for browsers.

Non-developers describe it as a lightweight, weakly typed, object-based scripting language that is more acceptable. Developers of JavaScript implement the front-end that explains how the visual components of a web application perform. They are also competent with services that lie in the back-end. Back-end web developers are also supported and responsible for server-side app logic.

JavaScript can be used to create websites with simple or complex functions and designs. User-friendly experiences are typically delivered with it. Most web and mobile browsers support this, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, and Opera. Every browser assigns JS engines that help in performing perfectly.

Several common programming features are part of JavaScript’s core. It allows you to do various things simultaneously:

It helps to store appropriate
values in the variables.

Its running code is responsible for
specific events that appear on
web pages.

It included many more factors in this.

It is more interesting to have functionality that is set up on top of the client-side JavaScript language. APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) help deliver with added superpowers that are used in JavaScript code.

APIs are ready-made sets of code that developers use to make programs that are challenging to develop. We also executed it with programming, for example, as ready-made furniture kits for home building. 

What is JavaScript operating on our page?

Here we see how it loads a web page in the browser. When we load a web page in the browser, code ( HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) runs. It runs inside an execution environment. It helps in operating the page. 

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Why Do We Take JavaScript Development Courses?

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