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React Native Development Course

We use React Native for mobile app development. We widely used it in app development and it became popular in a short time. Many companies have adopted React Native, such as Uber, Microsoft, Skype, Instagram, and Facebook. They use it in their apps. We efficiently used it for all types of industries. There is also a trend of people learning React Native courses to polish their skills. It is the best way to gain experience in creating different apps.

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What is React Native?

React Native is also known as RN. It is a famous JavaScript-based mobile app framework and enables us to build native rendered mobile apps for Android and iOS. We can create an app using the same codebase on different platforms. Facebook used it for the first time in 2015 as an open-source project. Facebook uses this library to build user interfaces. It targets mobile platforms rather than browsers. It has become a leading way to develop mobile apps. Web developers can create mobile apps that look and feel native to the JavaScript library.

It becomes easy with React Native to develop iOS and Android together at the same time. These apps are a combination of JavaScript and XML-Esque markup. We also know it as JSX. It also shows JavaScript interfaces for the API platform and it becomes easy to access the location of a user or phone camera, and many more.

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Why Is It Necessary to Take the React Native Course?

Developers are always eager to learn more skills. It becomes easy with the React Native course because it gives a chance to learn practically. It is a vast subject that needs to be analyzed perfectly. There is a lot of material, such as the Native Android API, and generating APK, and we cover Native UI Components in this course. It becomes easy to learn activity indicators, buttons, and date pickers for IOS, touchable highlights, Web view, touchable opacity, and many more. React Native Training in Chandigarh helps to get the best jobs in notable companies.

Why Are Our React Native Courses Distinct from Others?

The younger generation who want to make their career as developers are taking React Native courses in Mohali. Working professionals are also keen to take React Native training to add new skills and get more experience. “Digital Study School ” designed this course according to the industry’s syllabus. Our expert developers provide this training to our students, so they also clear their queries. 

We allow our students to work on live projects. It gives them confidence and makes them study in more detail. We add various things to the syllabus, such as APIs, design, testing, and many more. It helps to get experience and get the best jobs in the industry. We offer these courses at an affordable cost so that every person is able to pick up React Native development courses.